Episode Choose Your Story Hack – Gems and Passes

Episode Choose Your Story Hack - Gems and Passes

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How Does Episode Choose Your Story Hack ?

  • Click on TO GENERATOR.
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  • Wait for the generator to produce your passes and gems. Once the loading bar is completed, restart Episode – Choose Your Story.
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Episode – Choose Your Story Hack Features

Sounds easy, right? If you want to know what you find in our hack, take a look!

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Episode is an entertaining game in which you come across some interesting stories. After you finish an episode, you can start the next episode. However, to get ahead in the game and unlock new episodes, you’ll need many episode free gems and passes. Which are the two major currencies in the game.

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Episode – Choose Your Story App Review

Why you need to use a episode choose your story hack?

It’s not easy to earn both currencies in the game. Episode hack, you can add gems and passes to your account for free. Thanks to these episode gem hack, you’ll never have to spend money on the game again. Try it now and get gems and passes completely for free.

In order for you to use the episode Hack correctly, you must first enter your username. Determine how many gems and passes should be generated and start the hack for episode. You will see that the episode cheats instantly add the currencies to your account.

You do not have to worry about being suspended from the game. The integrated anti-spam feature protects your account from being banned and blocked. Our episode gem hack is a fully functional and virus-safe tool. You can use it multiple times to purchase game currencies.

Episode gems & passes hack


The main currency of the game are gems. You must earn many gems in the game so you can progress quickly. Here are some ways to earn Episode free gems.

  • If you log in to the game daily, you earn 2 gems.
  • Gems can be bought with real money.
  • Countless gems can be earned with our Episode Gems Hack.


The premium currency of the game are passes. You must earn passes in the game so you can unlock new episodes of the story. This is because you can only play certain episodes for free. Here are some ways to earn episode free passes.

  • After 3 hours you can receive 4 passes. So make sure you sign up for the game regularly to earn passes.
  • If you play a recently updated story, you can earn a pass as a reward.
  • Make several friends in the social media networks so that they send you codes to earn few passes.
  • Passes can be bought by spending real money.
  • An infinite number of passes can be purchased with our episode Cheats.

episode gem hack unlimited passes

Episode: Choose Your Story is an interactive storytelling platform where you can read and play different stories. Each story is divided into numerous episodes. The first look at the game makes you feel like you’re watching content on Netflix. There are countless genres of stories in the game, ranging from murder, romance, mystery, adventure to adult topics. Of course, to complete and play all of them, you can take advantage of our episode Hack.

The game includes content for adults although the game developers mention that the game is suitable for teens over the age of 13 years. You will come across several cases that are not suitable for 13-year-old girls or boys. Finally, the game developers have added warnings to stories that contain mature topics and strong language. Such stories should be avoided by children under the age of 18.

episode free gems & passes benefits

The game is easy. You have to pick a story that looks interesting. Start reading and watching an episode of the story. Keep typing to continue with the story. Gradually you will make some decisions to progress in the story.

Choose a selection that you think is appropriate, as the entire history of the story depends on your choice. The first episodes of the story will be available for free. But to see and read the rest of the episodes, you have to buy them with passes, the game currency that can be generated with our episode hack ios.

In addition, most of the decisions you make will require in-game currencies. For example, if the character kisses their girlfriend or wants to buy a new outfit for the first day of school. He / she will have to spend many gems. If you do not spend any currency in the game, you have to go shabbily dressed to college, which would lead to social disgrace. It is not easy to earn many gems, so most players spend real money to make the right decisions for their game character. Others, however, choose a simpler way, such as episode passes hack, to get episode free gems.

episode unlimited passes key features

The content you come across in each episode is pretty interesting. It’s in the form of a short dialog format similar to chatting apps like WhatsApp, Instagram and so on. This feature of the game makes it easy to connect with the younger generation as they spend most of their time reading and writing similarly. The game enjoys great popularity among smartphone users and the current generation.

To attract young adults and teens, the content of most episodes is designed to highlight their current lifestyle and issues. The pictures of the stories are fashionable and trendy. There is an episodes writing portal where you can create and publish stories that other players can read. With this feature, the game developers want to encourage player participation. If you need episode free gems you can always use our safe episode choose your story hack.

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Episode Choose Your Story Application Description

Episode lets you live your stories with love, romance, adventure and drama. Would not it be amazing if YOU were a character in your favorite story? With Episode, you can do just that with over 100,000 engaging stories where you make important decisions.

With billions of reads, Episode is the world’s largest collection of interactive stories to choose your destiny. Or become a creator and write your own!

episode game hack unlimited passes and gems

Mobile games like Episode: Choose Your Story have been popular for a few months now. With Choices: Stories You Play there is now a similar game where you can decide on actions yourself. Be your own boss! You can decide how and whatever you want!

Unfortunately, the game also has a small disadvantage; To get even better and have more freedom you need the “Gems” and “Passes”. With the choose your story hack you get the free gems and passes directly to your smartphone. Thus, there is no limit for you. It is by far the best and fastest method if you finally want to spend no more money. Everyone would like to receive the expensive in-game currency without paying. Our hack tool for the game makes it possible now.

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How to use the episode free gems free passes hack

Enter your game name first. Once you have done this, you have to decide on the number of gems and passes the hack should generate and start it. Now the episode cheats start and generate the resources for the entered game account.

Every active player knows this problem, you are just immersed in a story and then suddenly you can not continue playing. Reason: You do not have enough gems or passes. But we are making this problem obsolete with the new episode Hack without human verification. Get passes and gems for free with this choose your story hack.

On all Android, as well as iOS devices, the episode Hack Android can be applied. We have optimized and refined this hack for all sorts of devices so that everyone can use it without problems. The inserted friendly user interface also ensures that the episode unlimited passes are easy to use.

About the game

Episode – Choose Your Story is all about interactive stories where you can choose from a series of stories, as you would in the Walking Dead series, make decisions that will greatly influence your adventure or character. This is an entertaining and interactive game that has something for everyone, whether you love adventure or are romantic, this game is full of adventure.

Gameplay or reading a story is very simple and straightforward. Find and choose a story you want to read, follow the plot, and take part in the direction of the story, based on choices when prompted. The good thing about this game is that except that you can choose from a series of stories that you do not have to make quick decisions like Walking Dead, you can take your time instead.

Think about which direction your character should go. There are around 6 stories to choose from, and each story has several episodes or chapters to guide you through the story, and each is a continuation of the previous storyline, just like series television shows.

The stories show animated characters that are moving, go and even move their lips to show that they are talking. You are even able to attract your character from a range of choices. The decisions you need to make range from small to big decisions, such as: What you should wear, with whom you speak or something. The episode Hack iOS helps you make the best decisions in the game.

The game is fun to play

As I said, the stories are very diverse as the creators are interested in getting a broad cross-section of app users. Nobody denies the opportunity to enjoy this game, unlike Walking Dead, where there is only one action. Some of the genres are Fantasy, Comedy, Mystery and Adventure. To make reading even more enjoyable, as a user you can create your own story and guide it in any way you like.

The only problem I have with the game is that they need more stories for boys, the current stories are mostly for women. Overall, this is a great game in your collection. Mystery and fun awaits you in this fantastic interactive game with stories just waiting to be enjoyed. Do you have a choice, which story do you want to enjoy? You also have the option to use the episode choose your story hack. With episode cheats you can expect free gems, as well as passes.

We also give you the opportunity to use episode gem hack . These are useful if you need more gems and passes, and do not want to spend any money. With our episode game hack you get full resources for free, which every player would like to welcome.

Generate episode free gems and passes

Actually, gamers around the world spend their valuable money on the items, but we’ll show you how to get them absolutely free in just a few minutes. A root or jailbreak for your device is absolutely not necessary. This is not a choose your story Mod Apk, but an online generator. You can use it online without limitation and at any time.

Never spend another dollar on the game, but get the passes and gems for choose your story directly on your smartphone or tablet for free. These hacks and cheats are available for all sorts of games. There are virtual currencies in almost every game these days, which also means we have a lot of hacks and cheats on our website. With our hacks on here we make sure that you can hack every game.

choose your story review

If you like to play story based games then there are many games that you can play in your spare time. When it comes to the most popular games, the name Episode Choose Your Story comes to mind. This is an amazing game and also has many great features that will surely grab your attention. In this game, player episode cheats can create their own stories that are not an easy process. Beginners should be aware of the gameplay and other features of the game. That way they can create great stories to share with their friends. You can also link your gaming account to social networking sites to have fun in the game.

As you all know, this is an interesting game and if you want to play it, you should download it first, which is absolutely free. After that, players can also become part of their favorite story by playing it. There are many stories, but you can choose the one based on your favorite genre.

The game depends on your own decisions, and the plot of the game also changes according to the decisions you make in the game. In this game, players must make a decision every step of the way and the gameplay will be changed according to their decisions. Players must make a large selection in the game, allowing them to play the game fully.