Top 10 Halloween games for kids

Top 10 Halloween games for kids

What do you play at a Halloween party? Of course spooky Halloween games and scary stuff. Here are ten ideas which scary games for children you should try.

Halloween games for the whole family

Whether you’re planning a Halloween kids party or celebrating the scary celebration with friends, neighbors, and family, these 10 Halloween games will get everyone in the mood. Only the scary games for children will certainly be a bit more exciting than for us adults. Whereby the scary box (Game 7) guarantees the discomfort even with the big ones. Let’s start with the first Halloween children’s games.

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1) Ghost Race: Skill is needed in this Halloween game


  • two paper plates or plastic plates
  • two white balloons, equally filled with air and ghost face painted on it


  • Two teams each have to balance their balloon on a plate and get across a course.
  • The balloon will easily fly down as soon as the players move too fast.
  • If he falls to the ground, the player must start over. If he just flies off the plate, the player has to stop and try to catch the balloon again with the plate.
  • It wins the team, which has all the team members at the finish first.

2) Eyeball relay race: Egg racing becomes a scary game for children

eyeball relay race halloween


  • two ping-pong balls
  • two spoons
  • waterproof pins red, blue, black


  • Paint balls with pens in advance like eyeballs.
  • Set a racetrack with a turning point.
  • Let two teams form.
  • Each team gets a spoon and a ball.
  • The first player must use the ball on the spoon as fast as he can to overcome the track. If the ball falls down, the player must start again at the start.
  • When the player finishes the run, he passes the spoon and ball to the next player.
  • The winner is the team that first has all players back at the finish.

Halloween games with spiders

In addition to ghosts, monsters and other undead spiders are somehow Halloween. Clear that at Halloween games for children may not be missing. Here are our ideas:

3) Halloween spider web game

Halloween spider web game


  • a knot of black wool


  • The children are distributed in the room.
  • A child holds the ball in one hand, the end in the other hand.
  • It throws the knot at another child while it continues to hold the thread end.
  • The second child holds a piece of thread and throws the knot to another child.
  • The process repeats itself across the room until it has formed a large spiderweb.

4) Halloween spider race game

Halloween spider race game


  • a racetrack


  • Divide the children into two teams and have them lined up in rows.
  • At a command, the first children of each row sit down and begin to cross the track in the crabwalk (very exhausting!).
  • It wins the team, which has brought all spiders to the finish line first.
  • If you do not have enough space in the flat or if you are looking for some quieter Halloween games for kids, you can try this spider race.


  • two straws
  • two small rubber or plastic spider


  • Determines a racetrack: for example, across the dining table / coffee table.
  • Two players compete against each other. Who chases his spider first over the finish line?
  • To move the spider, you blew vigorously through the straw. Tip: the smoother the race track, the easier the spider moves.

5) mummy wrap Halloween game: Can not you just play for Halloween?

mummy wrap Halloween game

Many people still know this game from children’s birthday parties : Two teams each wrap a player in toilet paper around the bet – that looks like an ancient mummy, right? With fantasy such classic games are suitable for Halloween. So that it still does not end in chaos, rules should be set.

  • Everyone gets tasks: for example, two children wind their arms, two others their legs and so on.
  • The mummy must be neatly wrapped, only eyes, mouth and nose are allowed to remain free.
  • The toilet paper must not be thrown through the room and a child of each team has the task to dispose of dropped paper immediately.
  • The winner was the most beautiful mummy or the one who finished the quickest or just had the fun.

Halloween games for kids with witches

Wicked witches with thick warts on their nose – but everyone gets the scare. These Halloween games are about annoying the witches. Who can manage to give the sorcerer an even fatter wart? And who hits the top of the witch hat?

6) “glue the wart on the witch’s nose”

give the witch a wart game

Draw the face of a witch (big enough) on cardboard and hang it up (taped to a cupboard or door). Connect a player’s eyes and let it stick a wart of green clay to the nose of the witch.

It goes without saying that these will end up in the wrong place and cause a lot of fun for the audience. Of course you can also use green stickers as warts.

You can all throw on the witch with small kneading warts – but this usually ends in great chaos.

7) witch hat ring toss

witch hat ring toss


  • A witch hat
  • quoits or glow sticks with circle connectors (depending on the number of players)


  • The witch’s hat will be placed on the ground at a distance set by you.
  • Either you all compete against each other or you split into two teams.
  • One after the other you throw the ring on the witch’s hat: The ring has to land on the hat.
  • The winner is the player or team with the most hits.
  • Extra tip: With the light sticks and lightly insulated light, the game is of course
  • even scarier.

8) scary box

scary box

Games, Halloween? Since it may be a bit disgusting to go there, right? Your kids should be a little bigger for this Halloween game. We recommend that from about five to six years. For one thing, because little children might be afraid, but mostly because they find it hard to feel the hidden scary surprises.


  • a big cardboard box or several small ones
  • everything that feels disgusting. For example: slime, popcorn, olives, plums or grapes, cold spaghetti, chicken cartilage , water bomb, melon brain.


  • Cut two holes in the side of the cardboard box and put one hand through each. can be.
  • The room is darkened (makes it scary) and one child after another has to put his hand through the holes. From the open side of the box, the game master gives the children various things in their hands that feel disgusting, claiming their eg beetles, spiders, frogs, eyes and the like.
  • Who manages not to shudder or guess what it really is?

9) Scary Stories: The classic Halloween game

Scary Stories: The classic Halloween game

Each player receives a flashlight (or a flashlight is passed on) and the light is switched off. A few candles or ghost lights illuminate the background. The group is sitting in a circle and the game master gives a sentence. Now it is everyone’s turn to finish the sentence – always the speaking child is allowed to light his face from below with the flashlight. Pretty scary!


Start with “It happened many years ago and few remember it.”

On a stormy night …

An owl called …

The candles flickered in the wind and …

A door opened creaking and through it came …

Also a skeleton came in and rattled with …

Something crawled over the floor, they were …

In the distance a scream …

As even ghosts fluttered through the air, it happened:

The blood froze in my veins because …

Something touched my cheek, it was …
Finish the story with a joke or the phrase “And then you woke up and realized that it was all just a dream”.

10) Halloween Games: Keep kids busy with this treasure hunt

Fill an empty water bottle with bird sand for each child. Add small Halloween gifts, such as small plastic spiders, rubber bands, bones , so that each bottle contains several different things. By shaking each child can find out what is hidden in the sand of the bottle. So in between a little peace in the group.

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