episode choose your story tips and tricks

episode choose your story tips and tricks

The Episode App is the perfect library for interactive stories. In addition to numerous stories from the categories of romance, drama, fantasy, mystery and comedy. There are also exclusive stories to discover. The godfather was the series Pretty Little Liars, the film series Mean Girls and the actress and singer Demi Lovato. You can also become the author of an exciting story and create your own works. Today in zotfish we will tell you about episode choose your story tips and tricks.

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All you need to know about episode choose your story

Episode – Choose Your Story App Review

episode choose your story tips and tricks

In addition to the well-known fabrics from Pretty Little Liars and MeanGirl. There are an almost countless amount of other stories. Not least because thanks to the Episode App can create and publish his own stories in an instant. So there is so much to discover, and – as is the case with interactive stories – to make decisions.

After choosing a story (best about the categories), you can create your avatar after a short intro. The customization options are significantly more extensive than in similar apps. From the face shape on the eye color can create a unique character to occur in the selected story. Here you can learn more about episode choose your story tips and tricks.

Access the official Pretty Little Liars app

But the app not only offers an ingenious selection for all bookworms, but is also a must have for all Pretty Little Liars fans. The mystery series about the mysterious disappearance of Alison DiLaurentis and the dark secrets of her four girlfriends is now in its seventh season. With Episode, players can even look for clues and suspects in Rosewood. Each decision within the storyline influences how the story evolves and whether it ends in a good or a bad way.

The best decisions are made …

… with diamonds. Actually, the episode app is free. However, the developers have incorporated some clever ways to steer the stories in the right direction via in-app purchase. Thus, various actions can only be performed if they are unlocked with diamonds.

The premium currency can not be collected within the game, but can only be purchased against actual bookings through the respective stores. And that can be the provider Pocket Gems cost a lot. If, for example, you want a new outfit for your avatar, you’ll have to pay 30 diamonds and the average cost ten cents – which is about three euros for a new, virtual dress.

In addition, a ticket is required to access individual episodes – this one is also charged and costs (depending on the selected package) about 20 cents. In principle, there is nothing wrong with the concept of in-app purchases; However, the providers have a little over the top with the price.

Conclusion of Episode App

Those who like choose your stories will love the Episode App – at least while diamonds and passes are still available. Unfortunately, they are consumed within a short time and new content is only very slowly released for non-payment users. But those who get into it get a rich library of episode choose your stories tips and tricks and exclusive content like Pretty Little Liars, Mean Girls or the official App by Demi Lovato. However, if the wait takes too long, you will find alternative adventure games in our library for free download and to bridge the waiting time .

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