Episode – Choose Your Story App Review

Episode – Choose Your Story App Review

This game app is currently being celebrated by many fans, because in Episode Choose Your Story, the player can decide for himself how to proceed with his character. Episode Choose Your Story is currently available for free in the respective stores and it is a mix of Second Life and The Sims!

And that’s what Episode Choose Your Story : At the beginning of the game, you can choose from different episodes. I choose Rich Witches and got an introduction to life in New York City .

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My character Fiona moves to a new school, the vanderpump Academy, and needs a fitting outfit. There are several styles to choose from and after a “perfect” from the mouth Fionas, which unfortunately does not speak, it goes off to school, in the already some hateful women wait .

The communication is quite funny and fast, but there is no speech output. Fiona and all the other characters are only experienced with speech bubbles. A pity, because they have some pretty good sense of humor. After introducing herself to the new school, Fiona goes home with two new friends.

Many scary puzzles await you

The house where Fiona lives is huge and it seems to haunt it. The three girls get scared and then what happens is the most annoying: The episode is over. I have to wait 30 minutes to continue playing. Unless I pay with a pass and keep playing. No, I’m waiting and reading that I can write to the author of this episode.

Funny. Nobody has to experience everything that I have just experienced, because if you decide on the very first place differently than I, the game is completely different. And who knows, maybe you’ll start with Ella in the club and dance until the bars turn.

A cool mix of Second Life & The Sims

That this game is entirely in English will prevent some from downloading it, and honestly it has to be said that basic knowledge of the game is not enough – as long as you want to understand the fun and irony of the game.

In this interactive app you can decide for yourself what should happen to your game character. Whether it’s a party or whether he or she prefers to play sports – all this is in the hands of the player.

Of course, you can also flirt with his character and get to know other players – a great fun for young and old, where the graphics are appealing and the gameplay is very simple. Who wants to protect his smartphone / tablet from annoying advertising, can activate the settings so that no further purchases are possible.


If you have enough understanding over speech,the game is really fun.

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