All you need to know about episode choose your story

All you need to know about episode choose your story

In the Choices: Stories You Play app , players determine how their story evolves with their decisions. From hot flirting to uncanny encounters to captivating fantasy adventures, there’s something for every taste.

Every week new stories in the Choices: Stories You Play App

If you do not want to stand by while reading heartbreaking romance novels. As the poor innocence of the country goes willingly into the arms of the cold-blooded. But handsome millionaire. Who read instead of the thriller, as the threatened soul storms up the stairs.

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Episode – Choose Your Story App Review

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Rather the front door who would rather seek to trust his instinct instead of relying on the droll-looking troll, should resort to Choices: Stories You Play app. Here players determine the plot of romance, crime or fantasy. Every decision made affects the course of the game – or rather the story. And a lot has already been released in the most popular genres:

  • Romance: Rules of Engagement, The Freshman (Book One, Two and Three), LoveHacks, Endless Summer, James: Masquerade Ball, Kaitlyn: The Perfect Date, Chris: Luxury Getaway
  • Fantasy: The Crown & The Flame (Book One and Two)
  • Mystery: Most Wanted, The Haunting of Braidwood Manor, The Freshman: Snowed in, The Freshman: Love Bites

New content every week

Players of the app can look forward to regular sequels to their favorite story or to new stories and characters. The provider Pixelberry Studios provides timely replenishment for all users of Choices: Stories You Play App. Some content is completely playable for free, for others 30 diamonds have to be relaxed.

And unfortunately they are not available in the game, so they must be purchased via in-app purchase. The cost of a resources amount to – depending on the package – to about ten cents, so cost the premium stories in about three euros. But even within the individual stories, players can well spend their money. Thus, certain decisions within the story are chargeable. There are keys as the second in-game currency which are to be purchased for about 20 cents and are also required for certain content. So if you want to know how to proceed, you will be asked to pay.

Conclusion to Choices: Stories You Play App

The interactive stories of the Choices App provide good food especially for romantic natures – even if the intellectual claim suffers. The target group of the app are therefore also rather young girls than hard-boiled men. Currently, the stories are also available in English only. If you are looking for romance, heartache and high school adventure games, you will find exciting alternatives for free download in our library .

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